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The membership year is from April 1st to March 31st.

If your Club is a member of OAR, you may join as an Affiliated Member at no cost but only AFTER you have been activated by your own Club on the RCA website for the current membership year.

If your Club is not a member of OAR, you must register as an Independent Member here.  Membership cost is $90.

Not ready to join as an Independent Member?  Try a one-time tour/long distance event at $35 per tour day on top of the tour fee.  Use this Form.


Club Membership

Ontario Clubs Only

$120 Annually *


All members of a Club affiliated with OAR are OAR affiliated tourers and can participate in OAR tours without needing to join as independent members of OAR.

One representative of each Club can vote at OAR Member meetings and make representations at OAR Board meetings.

OAR Affiliated Tourers

Ontario Residents Only

* FREE *

OAR affiliated tourers can participate in OAR tours without paying fees to join as independent members of OAR.

Available to Ontario rowers in good standing with an OAR affiliated Club and RCA (i.e., registered and activated on the RCA Web Registration System (WRS)).  Once activation on the WRS is confirmed, the member will also be registered and activated as an OAR ‘affiliated tourer’ and can start attending tours.

Independent Membership

* $90 Annually *


OAR independent members can participate in OAR tours and can vote at Member meetings.

Ontario residents not associated with an OAR-affiliated Club will be asked to register themselves on the RCA-WRS as an OAR independent member.  They must pay the OAR fee and once payment has been received by OAR, the member will be ‘activated’ as an independent member on the RCA-WRS by the OAR registrar.

Canadian residents (outside of Ontario) can become independent members by paying the OAR fee.

In the case of US Rowing1 and overseas members, they must pay the OAR fee, affirm that they carry travel/medical insurance, and sign an OAR Membership Waiver when joining as members.

Guest Fee

For Non-Members

* $35 per tour day (of scheduled rowing) *


Note:  This is a one-time opportunity for non-member rowers to participate in a tour/long-distance event.  This amount must be added to all tour registration forms.  The guest trial pass amounts collected must be remitted by the tour organizer to the Association treasurer.  Everyone must sign a waiver.  U. S.1 and overseas rowers must attest that they carry travel insurance including for medical expenses and accidents.

Updated: Dec 1, 2023


OAR Member Clubs

April 1, 2023 - March 31, 2024
  • Argonaut Rowing Club, Toronto

  • Barrie Rowing Club

  • Cambridge Rowing Club

  • Cornwall Rowing Club

  • Don Rowing Club, Mississauga

  • Durham Rowing Club, Port Perry

  • Guelph Rowing Club

  • Hanlan Boat Club, Toronto

  • Niagara Rowing School, Jordan Harbour

  • Orillia Rowing Club

  • Ottawa New Edinburgh Club

  • Ottawa Rowing Club

  • Peterborough Rowing Club

  • Quinte Rowing Club

  • South Niagara Rowing Club

  • St Lawrence Rowing Club

  • Sudbury Rowing Club


Equipment Rentals

All OAR Member clubs in good standing* may apply to rent equipment. Let us know what you need, and when you need it as soon as possible. Contact our Equipment Manager at

Seat Fees for Tour Organizers:

$35 per seat per day


Annual Rentals:​

Eurodifusion coastal quad - $1,400

Eurodifusion double - $700 (rental begins in June)

Hudson T-7 touring double - $250.

Daily & Weekly Rentals (includes oars):​

Hudson T11 (5 seats)

= $175 daily

= $700 Monday to Friday inclusive

= $875 full week

Hudson T7 (2 seats)

= $70 daily

= $280 Monday to Friday inclusive

= $350 full week

Trailer to haul OAR boats = $150 per week

Clubs renting equipment are responsible to pay for damaged equipment.

Payment is required in advance of rental.


*Equipment is usually rented only to Clubs which are members of OAR, though the OAR Board may make exceptions.

Boat Rentals


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